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Postby Chammat » Thu Sep 01, 2005 2:47 am

And the final ten playing for one million on paradise poker are ( in chip lead order )  ;

sn-ale            2.72million in chips
boon8            1.58million in chips
ZapAA           1.37million in chips
StiMi              1.36million in chips
judgetim        1.9million in chips
mastershake  718,889 in chips
LordtranIII     506,388 in chips
proffesor77    403,944 in chips
jerryfoam      188,672 in chips
docshoggs     34,705 in chips

paradise poker have also said that beacuase the first 1million dollar freeroll was such a succes that they are doin another one here are the details  ;

Starting August 29th and running through to November 30th, we'll be running three heats every day. Each heat will be titled "FreeMillion" and will be FREE to enter. You can find these tournaments listed under the Million Tab in our Tournament Lobby.

The 3 daily "FreeMillion" Heats will start at the times posted below and will award seats as listed:

4pm ET = Top 10 players advance to $1,000,000 main event.
9pm ET = Top 15 players advance to $1,000,000 main event.
1am ET = Top 20 players advance to $1,000,000 main event.
* 9pm, 2am, 6am London time

***IMPORTANT*** Tournament registration will open 2 hours prior to the posted tournament start time! Register early to ensure yourself a seat.

The $1,000,000 main event will take place on December 3rd at 2pm Eastern (7pm London time).

1st = $1,000,000 (plus a free vacation for two to mystery tropical location)
2nd-10th = $10,000 (plus a free vacation for two to a mystery tropical location)
11th = $1,000 12th-50th = $500
51st-100th = $100
101st -500th = $50

TOTAL: $1,150,000

The 10 players at the final table will be taken on an all-expenses paid luxury vacation to an exotic Paradise location to finish the remaining portion of the tournament face-to-face in front of the tv cameras. The winner will walk away one million dollars richer.

The live final table is tentatively scheduled to take place mid-January 2006.

remeber it could be you on the final table in paradise and it dosn't cost you a penny someones got to win it could be you!!!! :s  :h  :c  :d

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