another mystery

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another mystery

Postby Spost1990 » Fri Apr 15, 2005 5:07 pm

why is it in these freerolls so many playes at one table sit out? some say to many coincidences are not coincidences. After witnessing this strange occurence time after time i tend to agree.
some might say this doesnot matter. I disagree. Here is an example.
At noble poker. Tournament starts. seat 1 plays.seats 2 through 8 sitout. seat 9 plays. seat 10 plays. Like seat 1 has position every hand. If the other two pass he consistently raises and picks up all the other dead chips. His stack continually grows while I have no chance. Is this fair? It is supposed to be since Noble Poker advertises fairness and respectability.
How can anyone in their right mind make any type of deposit at all and feel comfortable when playing. I donot see it. And I notice Poker Stars is doing it also. While the limits are being raised, I have to sit an wait for the others to get blinded off. This takes time. When they are finally gone, the chips that I have cannot sustain the limits that are now in place. On the other tables I guess playes are coming and going and all the chips are being left at those tables.
A good friend of mine has this theory. everybody has a screen name right. OK. While registering these screen names are supposed to go in one barrel say and before the tournament starts names drawn and assigned a table. But what if this is not the only criteria. He seems to think that it is also based on the amount of action that you give them. No action no chance. Give them action and your placed at a table with pots so big you need a step ladder to get over them.
I am not new to this game of poker. I am 49 and been playing it since I was 9. Lived in Vegas an Reno since I was 21. i know for a fact people in charge when money is involved, well, believe me, things can happen, And some do.
Call me paranoid. I like to think of myself as cautiouis. But one thing is for certain. If NASA designs a computer chip that guides a ship around Jupiter, Well designing a computer chip to preform this function at these poker sites should be a walk in the park. I say be careful.


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