Honest and True Freerolls??

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Honest and True Freerolls??

Postby Sursen68 » Sat Nov 12, 2005 10:44 pm

Kind of an open letter to anyone that cares to read this :)

I have looked over the listings for "freerolls" lately and maybe I am missing something. Maybe I missed a post, possible with 4 forums that I read, or an email??

To my mind a freeroll means there is NO money needed to enter the tourney. OF any KIND!! NO you have to deposit $X into an account. Thats a new depositor tourney and not a true freeroll. Nor having to play sooo many raked hands in a week/month. You are paying for the priviledge of being in this "freeroll".

I would suggest to the owners at this fine site, that they create 2 forums:
One for freerolls that have NO prerequisites of ANY kind. Like at AP, Poker.com, PokerChamps etc.

One for freerolls that have SOME kind of prerequisite, like a new deposit, raked hands etc.

This would save me having to weed through "freeroll" listings only to find its go some requirement. Or maybe code in the HTML some tag and allow us to search on that tag?

I dont know.

I just know, for me, that when you say freeroll, you should mean FREE ya know?

*gets down off the soapbox and heads back to the shelter of his mothers little helper*

Dave aka Sifu
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Postby Mights » Sun Nov 20, 2005 1:21 am

See you at TITAN!

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