yeah it was

Discussion about starting hands.

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yeah it was

Postby Grome1991 » Sat Nov 04, 2006 11:47 pm

ere is my general freeroll strategy.  First level of the tournament I'll play almost anything if only the cost of the BB.  At the start I never slow play good starting hands, jj,qq,kk,aa, I always raise big.  Alot of freerollers will play anything on any raise so no sense in slow playing.

After the first few rounds I tighten up play.  Playing more premium hands, I'll play a little loose if on the button.  By now most the alliner's should be gone and play usually starts to tighten up all around.

Through the end I keep tightening up, hope to take down a few big pots and win the tourney  Very Happy

See you at the tables.

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