same starting hand, different positions

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same starting hand, different positions

Postby Roldatt » Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:14 pm

lets say you have pkt 10s in the small blind. at a full ten person table, 4 people are in the hand, and there has been one raise from under the gun, the BB yet to call. do you just call with 1010 from the SB, or reraise, 2 people already calling the initial raise.

and with the same hand, how would you play it in middle position?
raise preflop? limp? and say a jack and two undercards flop. should you play this hand aggresive, or just a continuation bet on the flop, and if there is a caller in late position, what do you do on the turn?

just curious... its weird how table position dictates the way hands are played.

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