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Suited Connectors

Postby Wrecertrecan » Sun Mar 05, 2006 7:07 am

Hey i see when i watch poker on television that alot of the pro's seem to play suited connectors often. I was just wondering if this is a good hand to usually play....
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Postby Deace1973 » Sun Mar 05, 2006 11:19 am

be careful when thinking of taking any tips from watching poker on tv most of the time you only get to see a very small percentage of the hands being played so dont get a true reflection of the game.

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Postby Turnis82 » Sun Mar 05, 2006 6:27 pm

yeah...i think that tv is alot of deception.  They pretty much only show you the hands where there is actio0n or it is a big rivaly between two players and they are in the hand.  Suited Connectors can get you into alot of trouble if they arnt played right.  I almost never play them unless i am in late position and it is late in the game.  Early stages of a tourny i will just trow this hand away.
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Postby Deersomided » Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:49 pm

If you pay close attention to when during the game the pros play suited connectors, it's usually short handed (6 or less) or in late postition (on the button or 2nd last position. They usually don't play anything below J10s out of position shorthanded, and nothing lower than AKs in early position at a full table, unless of course they're a super-agressive style player.
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Postby Shichis » Sun Mar 05, 2006 8:54 pm

I love all suited connectors, but I play loosely most of the time.  If someone in front of you bets a large amount, fold 'em.
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Postby Ousce1987 » Sat Apr 01, 2006 6:59 pm

Speaking for myself I love playing suited connectors. I would take suited connectors. You get more outs better draws and against bigger pairs  you'll sure get paid off but you have to make sure there is not a bigger flush or bigger straight that can get you
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Postby Whaviely » Sat Apr 01, 2006 11:51 pm

in 7 stud i dont enter the game unless have a pair at preflop
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Postby Couser » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:57 pm

i love 9 10 suited.seems to win most of the time .then you get the how can you play that responce,lol.
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Postby Onceinge » Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:15 pm

910 suited does always seem to be a winner for me as well, but i love all suited connectors and usually play most of them besides 23 suited and it works out for me, other hands like 57 suited, 86s, 97 suited i play as well
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Postby Whizinut1984 » Sat Aug 05, 2006 3:54 pm

ya i like suited connects there reallly fun to play with because u can hit the striaght easier flush eaier and maybe even hit your pair
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Postby Gaid1973 » Sat Aug 05, 2006 6:20 pm

suited them all the many posibilities..cant lose with this hand...well u can ..just dont all in them .  Play smart ppl
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Postby Laidearks » Sun Aug 27, 2006 2:42 pm

i play suited connecters all the have so many outs preflop....infact my favorite hand is 9/10 of spades
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Postby Sexted » Sun Aug 27, 2006 9:55 pm

suited connectors are very good hands, they always usually hit and give ya a flush or straight draw almost every floppp
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Postby Examen » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:40 pm

I love to play the suited connectors as well.  Preferrable in late position, but if I can get my chips in for realatively cheap then that's all the better.  They do seem to hit more often then the higher AK, AQ, etc etc.
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Re: Suited Connectors

Postby Weressid » Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:25 pm

wackiest1 wrote:Hey i see when i watch poker on television that alot of the pro's seem to play suited connectors often. I was just wondering if this is a good hand to usually play....

its only a good play if you feel comfortable doing it, if you dont feel comfortable playing the cards then dont

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