Breaking hands

Discussion about starting hands.

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Breaking hands

Postby Hationizing » Sun Nov 13, 2005 9:02 pm

When I play holdem ecspecially NL holdem I like to play crazy hands like suited connectors for raises.  I know there area lot of people thatthink this is the wtrongstrategy to beplayingwith connectors, but I would like to point out that ifI call a raise with my connectors then I am fairly certain to be up against high cards or maybe even a pair.  In both cases I am fine with my opponents cards because I am pretty sure I know what they have and they usually havenoidea what I have.  This in affect gives me the necessary information I need to outplay them onthe flop.  

Another reason I like the connectors is I can pick up just as many small pots with them as I can byjust goingwiththe big card theory.   I also have
the advantage that I can beak a good palyer with these hands as opposed to only taking a small pot from him with the big cards.

Lastly if I am the shortstack in a tournament I always try to play suited connectors in an all in multi way pot.  I do this because I am usually only a slight dog to any other random hand combos. out there and I have a better than average shot that there is no overlay between my cards and another persons.
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Postby Wayincer1991 » Sat Nov 19, 2005 4:54 pm

the only time you should be playing these small suited connectors is when it is a multiway pot with no raisers so that allows you to see if you hit a monster and if you dont you can still get out for cheap.

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