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Postby Amor1993 » Mon Jul 11, 2005 12:49 am

i received this pm from one of my other leagues & wanted to pass on some advice to help protect you from getting scammed

*Rainbow, I just had a message from best999 who claimed to be you, and wanted your log in details, do you know this person

i only know this person from playing cards on AP & some other sites, you have my ip address & this ip address is the only one i use for cards period, that jerk needs help, why would anyone want someone elses details geez, get a job or something, too much time on his hands lol*

remember that if anyone comes to you wanting info, be sure to check it out throughly first

best999 is a user who goes to forums & to poker rooms & plays, he is going around trying to get ppls info, i'm not the only one he's tried this with so this was just to protect ppl from being scammed out of info, whether u think it's a good post or not you should remember there are some gullible ppl out there that will fall for anything

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