Does this game get any easier

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Does this game get any easier

Postby Hartmant2 » Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:46 am

Hand #33136596-2 at Mon901pm-025 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 03/Jul/06 21:05:03

beerme123 is at seat 0 with 1500.
pace13 is at seat 1 with 1500.
Ariganello is at seat 2 with 1500.
Shakuni88 is at seat 3 with 1530.
AubreyK is at seat 4 with 1490.
RustyMonkey is at seat 5 with 1490.
GunnysAces is at seat 6 with 1490.
jlcdlp1 is at seat 7 with 1500.
Batman2468 is at seat 8 with 1500.
foxybegood is at seat 9 with 1500.
The button is at seat 5.

GunnysAces posts the small blind of 5.
jlcdlp1 posts the big blind of 10.

beerme123: -- --
pace13: -- --
Ariganello: -- --
Shakuni88: 5h 4h
AubreyK: -- --
RustyMonkey: -- --
GunnysAces: -- --
jlcdlp1: -- --
Batman2468: -- --
foxybegood: -- --


Batman2468 folds. foxybegood folds. beerme123
folds. pace13 folds. Ariganello folds. Shakuni88
calls. AubreyK calls. RustyMonkey calls.
GunnysAces folds. jlcdlp1 checks.

Flop (board: 2h 3h Ah):

jlcdlp1 checks. Shakuni88 checks. AubreyK bets 45.
RustyMonkey calls. jlcdlp1 folds. Shakuni88 calls.

Turn (board: 2h 3h Ah 7c):

Shakuni88 checks. AubreyK bets 500. RustyMonkey
goes all-in for 1435. Shakuni88 goes all-in for 1475.
AubreyK goes all-in for 1435. Shakuni88 is returned
40 (uncalled).

Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:

Shakuni88 shows 5h 4h.
AubreyK shows Js Qh.
RustyMonkey shows 2s 2d.

River (board: 2h 3h Ah 7c 5s):

(no action in this round)


Shakuni88 has 5h 4h 2h 3h Ah: straight flush, five high.
AubreyK has Js Qh Ah 7c 5s: ace high.
RustyMonkey has 2s 2d 2h Ah 7c: three deuces.

Hand #33136596-2 Summary:

No rake is taken for this hand.

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