2 unlucky hands

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2 unlucky hands

Postby Whilke » Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:02 pm

I was last to call before the button and was dealt TT.

Dealer raised $1000 after all blinds ($300/$600) were in and myself and one other player called.

Flop comes Q 7 7.

We all check.

Turn is a ten.

Check to me and I also check cause I know the maniac on the button would bet. He does indeed bet $3000 and I put him on a queen cause I know he almost always checks the flop and then tries to represent the turn if it's a lower card. Other guy folds and I push my $9000 all in.

Dealer calls and flips over Q Q, right after I say out loud "You better not have pocket 7's or queens."


Another tale, on a previous night I had Q A and the flop was Q Q A. I decided to slow play and let the pot accumulate a bit, knowing I would surely take whatever ended up in there. Eventually the pot reached about 12,000 and then turn and river were both unrelated low cards.  The last player left in with me checks and I bet 5000.  He raises me another 5000 so I push all in.  He calls immediately so I smile and flip my full boat, which was promptly sunk by his A A battleship.

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