I Hate Bad Beats

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I Hate Bad Beats

Postby Whilke » Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:01 pm

It wasn't necessarily a bad beat, more of just a sick unlucky hand. And unfortunately, this was a no limit holdem cash game. I had a large stack of chips, about 4x the buy-in. There was one other guy at the table who had a stack about the same size as mine. It was six or seven handed. He raised from middle position and I called with 33. Before I continue, this isn't the tips section. Don't try to read into anything I do here because it may not be applicable to your game. So he raises and I cold call. The flop comes back beautifully: J - 7 - 3. Now, my hope here is that I will be up against QQ, KK or AA. I most likely won't get that much action if he only has a big Jack -- I'll get some, just not everything. He fires out and I raise. The reason I raise here is because if I waited to the turn to raise, it would signal the strength of my hand. By raising on the flop, I feign weakness and will get more action from a big pair. He just calls, which still might mean he has a big pair. The turn is 7, making the board J - 7 - 7 - 3. That's a great card for me. He checks and I bet. Now he just calls. That was kind of a weird call. I was thinking maybe he got cold feet about raising because the 7 paired, or maybe he did actually have a hand like AJ. The river sealed the deal, and my fate putting a 3, making the board J-7-7-3-3. At this point I'm thinking that he will definitely pay me off with any Jack or big pair. He checks and I bet. Now he raises me. I'm thinking now that maybe he did have a 7 all this time and waited to pull the trigger -- maybe a hand like 87. He could even have JJ, but who cares, right? So I push all in and he immediately calls showing me quad 7s. Now, I've lost quads before in limit games, but to lose it in a big no limit cash game was a little painful to say the least. And like I mentioned elsewhere on the site, I go through phases of what games and structures I like to play. Well that got me playing limit for a bit.

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