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Postby Enuenated » Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:50 pm

In this spot you can basically take two paths. Play a lot of hands or fold a lot of hands.

For folding a lot of hands:

- You can use the Short Stack strategy with an adjustment of bigger raises and less folding to heat. Use the same hand selection but raise or call raises to everything you play. No need to be shy in this position.

For playing a lot of hands:

- Now, if you want to play a lot of hands you will be limping a lot. Challenge all short stacks that limp. If you can put them all-in and get heads up then do it. Use any single face card, suited or not, any pair and any 1 or 2 gap cards, suited or not. This is wild play and I do not recommend it unless the table is very tight. In that case play like a maniac until someone wakes up and challenges you.

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