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Postby Tank » Mon Mar 21, 2005 7:47 pm

early this morning my time 2:15am cst and again at 3:15am cst I entered two tourneys at AP numbers 22872 and 22951 at about 4:30am cst my eyes would not stay open anymore...lol so I did something I never have done before I "sat out" and went too bed I think I had about 30k in each one when I sat out....when I woke up...lol I still ain't awake...imagine my amazement when I checked the finish reports came in 20th in one and 17 in another this blew my mind.. this concept of "sitting out to make it too the money" while it provides no satisfaction of "I won" seems I run into it at every tourney I enter. While this type of play won't work in a top nine payout. It could very well work in the bigger number payout schedules. I don't recomend this type of play it teaches nothing. But someone is always looking for "something for nothing"..just food for thought....Yes I know what your thinking "is this really m60?" yes it is I, can't you here the rust in the wheels....lol

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