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Pot Odds

Postby Ouseetteled » Sat Dec 31, 2005 3:41 am

Understanding pot odds
Pot odds is one of the most important concepts in Poker strategy.
Pot odds are defined as the ratio of the current size of the pot divided by the size of the next potential bet, from the point of view of the player about to make the bet.
For example, if a player is facing a 5.00 raise by his opponent and must therefore pay 5.00 to call the raise, and the total amount of money in the pot including the uncalled raise before his potential call is 30.00, then he is facing 6-to-1 pot odds for the call.
If he is contemplating raising another 5.00 making his potential bet 10.00, then he is facing 3-to-1 pot odds for the raise.

For every potential action fold, call, raise at every point in a game of poker, the correct strategy is influenced by the pot odds facing the player.
For example, the lower the pot odds facing a call, the more likely it is that folding will be the correct play, and the higher the pot odds facing a call, the more likely it is that calling is the correct play to take

Frequently players develop instinct or judgment about the size of the pot relative to their potential bets in various situations and make adjustments, but in some cases it is important to get an exact count.
For example, on the next-to-last round of a game when your opponent bets and you are facing a decision on whether to call with a A representation of forms or objects on a surface by means of lines drawing hand, you need to compare your exact pot odds with the odds of completing your hand though other factors may be involved as well.
Another situation is deciding whether to bluff on the final round.
A theory of competition stated in terms of gains and losses among opposing players game theory shows that one should bluff a percentage of the time equal to your opponent's pot odds to call the bluff.
For example, in a pot limit game if the pot is 30.00 and you are contemplating a 30.00 bet which will give your opponent 2-to-1 pot odds for his call, you should bluff half as often as you would bet for The quality positive or negative that renders something desirable or valuable value. With a larger pot, you would bluff less often

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