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food and advice

Postby Tank » Sun Mar 06, 2005 5:43 pm

Hi ya gang, mark here while we all sit in a tourney smokeing, drinking to much coffee (or something a might stronger) remember EAT you need to keep your mind on the game not on hunger.... with only a 5 min break you don't have time for steak and eggs (my favorite) and for us smokers trail mix, grapes or hard candy, i've cut down from three packs a day too a pack and a half thats about 7 dollars a day US hmmmmm, more money for POKER and as for the coffee+stress+poker hmmmmmm get the picture I have traded my coffee all day long too Gatoraid..And this one is big, If you have too Pee then pee don't wait till your teeth are floating, bad for kidneys, and guys put the seat back down for the

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