Tropics Poker is Closing

Name your black listed poker sites, and why they are black listed.

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Tropics Poker is Closing

Postby Minimearts » Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:13 am

This is from their site:


July 29, 2005: !!!IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ!!!
We regret to inform you that TP will soon be closing. All cashouts are temporarily placed on hold until more funds are wired into our merchant account. As long as you satisfy the cashout restrictions listed below, all pending liabilities will be paid within the next few weeks. Non-depositing players have until August 6th to satisfy their FPP requirements to cash out. Starting August 7th, players may make a request to cash out. Cashout will be process as soon as the funds hit our merchant account. Please do not make a cashout request until August 7th because they will just be cancelled.

Restriction for Depositing players:
1) via Neteller: min cashout = $5.
2) via Firepay/Credit Card: min cashout = $5 and wait 45 days from the time you made the deposit. Players can request a cashout, but we will wait til 45 days have elapsed until we process it.

Restrictions for Non Depositing players:
1) If you won money from freeroll tournaments, you must accumulate sufficient FPP in order to cash out. Please hurry as you have until August 6th to accumulate sufficient FPP. For every dollar you cash out, the number of FPP you need is 20x. Min cashout = $20 for Neteller/Firepay.
2) If you received the $10 no deposit bonus, you must have at least 250 FPP to cash out. As mentioned earlier in our July 13th posting, you must have accumulated 250 FPP by July 26 or we will be reversing the proceeds from the players account. We have already started to reverse some, so if we have not reverse your account yet, please hurry up. Min cashout = $20.
3) If you are a non-depositing player, cashout by cheque is not permitted.

July 13, 2005: $10 No Deposit Bonus Policy
This promotion ended as of December 10, 2004, however, it appears that many players have yet to fully utilize their bonus. TP will be fully enforcing the activity clause in the bonus agreement (please click here). Accumulating 250 FPP is a fair expectation in order for players to retain their bonus. Should any player who accumulated less than 250 FPP (lifetime) by July 26, 2005 (11:59 PM EST), TP will be reversing the bonus from the player's account.

July 5, 2005: Promotion Changes
Daily $50 Freerolls at 4 PM EST and 10 PM EST. In order to cash out money won from this Freeroll, for every dollar that is won, 20 FPP must be earned. Winners have 30 days from the time they won the Freeroll to accumulate sufficient FPP, or the balance/proceeds of the prize will be forfeited. TP Management reserves the right to reclaim Freeroll money won by the players should they feel that there was any intentional abuse of this promotion or if the money was won thru fraudulent means. If you win any money from Freeroll tournaments and you never made a deposit, your only cashout options are thru Firepay and Neteller.

July 5, 2005: Deposits/Withdrawals
For all deposits/withdrawals, please ensure that the name on your TP account matches with that of your Neteller/Firepay account, otherwise, we may have problems crediting your account.

Minimum withdrawal for Neteller/Firepay has been increased to $20.

What is an FPP and how do you get it?
FPP is TropicsPoker Frequent Player Points program. You can get FPP by participating in certain raked hands or in tournament games (Both Sit and Go and Multi Table tournaments). You can use these FPP points to unlock your deposit bonus, redeem merchandises or to join special tournaments. For more information on FPP, please click here.

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