Why i don't like boss media sites

Name your black listed poker sites, and why they are black listed.

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Why i don't like boss media sites

Postby Youbseep3 » Wed Feb 01, 2006 6:50 am

Like poker heaven and celeb poker!!!! :x  :x

They wouldn't let us from my area play there due to the reason that we're swedish and that Boss media is based here!!!!

On my question WHY? The only responce i got repeatedly over and over and over again from both Boss Media and the 2 pokersites were...... management have decided this!!! DUH!  :x  :x

What possible threat can we swedes be to the pokersites that no other nationality are? Legal issues? NOT! it's legal to play online and winnings are taxfree within the european community but not outside then you have to pay taxes... But why should that be an issue at Boss Media?

I can register, no problem for me to open an account from sweden but not as a swedish citizen! Have to change my nationality to norweigan, finnish or danish and play there so the security aren't anything to even bother talking about! I even get their weekly mail to my swedish mailadress.  :?  :?

Their answer ended with the words: Don't hesitate to ask for our assistance and help! That i took as an insult when they didn't or couldn't provide me with an answer that slightest explained the reason behind this decision!!! yeah i'm mad as hell at stupid rules that don't make any sence!

I even told them that i'm a member of an international pokerforum wich wanna put their leaguegames there but wouldn't that be unfair regarding to leaguestandings and what happens if i win a tour there, do they confiscate my money? (notice that we're not forbidden to play there just to open account as a swede) I didn't get an answer to that more than management have decided on this! But they did recommend me to turn my eyes to and play at the swedish monopoly "Svenska Spel" when they start their pokersite! Hmmmmmm? could that be in one year? Two? four?
noone knows! So i would strongly recommend everyone to boycott a site that discriminates one just due to their nationality! I mean it's as stupid as to say to one with blonde hair: Sorry but you can't shop here, you're blonde! Why? management decided that! period! So What's next?

:twisted:  :evil:  :x  :twisted:   :evil:  :x

Hmmmm? Maybe they think we're too close and are afraid that we storm their building here in stockholm when (i don't say if) we get annoyed at them for whatever reason?  :twisted:  :evil:
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Postby Enterhad1973 » Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:41 pm

When I install any of their network rooms, the buttons don't work, so I can't register. No support has helped. They all seem pretty clueless.  :roll:
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Postby Youct1967 » Sun Feb 12, 2006 7:26 pm

When you Swedes officially take over the online poker world, these guys are going to be very, very sorry.

What they're doing makes absolutely no sense.

Their software is all laggy and weird too.  They might be doing you a favor though it is a bummer to miss out on those very soft games.
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Postby Goormes » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:30 pm

It is just a legal issue.Just like i cant play at sites that have operations in Canada.If they let players in from the host country then they would be subject to that country's laws.

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