Up date on United poker

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Up date on United poker

Postby Hichislon » Sun Nov 13, 2005 4:36 pm

To Banner poker/iko-soft/United poker

 I on appx Oct 27 2005 Had apprx 120 plus dollars. Bought into a 3 dollar buy in Garranteed 100 dollar pay-out.

 Well I won that toury which I received 50 dollars in my acct. Well At this point I had over 170 dollars in my acct. So To make sure I got payed out I deposited 10 dollars the min deposit. Total dollars 180 plus.

 Went to withdraw funds and did so same night 60 dollars. read info 50 dollar min withdraw and all withdraws are done on Mondays.

Well Monday the Oct 31st comes and goes also Tuesday nothing. Figure No email's must be good. Wensday Nov 2 2005 got email iko-soft not paying out have not meet the required raked hands.

OK regroup and figure this thing out. Re email-ed iko-soft Stating that I had won real money above and beyond what I needed for cash out.

 Well I go back to banner poker and recheck my acct. My 60 dollars I tried to withdraw is gone. Now I back to emailing iko-soft again wanting to know where my money is.

 Finally get a response from iko-soft Your acct bal is 107 dollars You
may withdraw 20 dollars. 87 dollar of your bal requires raked hands. Nothing about missing 60 dollars.

 I want to point out that they are telling me I can withdraw 20 dollars when Nov 2 they told me I could not withdraw my 60 dollars. Also I would like to point out their rule Is min 50 dollar withdraw.

 Well This site has got me crazy they don't even know what they are doing. At this point I am mad and want no more to do with them. Go to Banner poker and I find a table and I thought I put all my money down on it but it would only let me do 100. Plan all in until money was gone. I know this was dumb but very upset. Took 6 mins to lose all my money that probably took me 6 months to earn.

 Some where in all this emailing William from banner poker got in the picture. Said he was the man to talk to and he would get my money back. He said he would make sure I got paid out and he was the only one that took care of pay outs.

OK we will wait. Pay outs are on Monday I can wait and see what happens.
Wensday November 9 2005 Guess What I got an email once again from iko-soft.

 Sunsoft has been sold to Tridx all transactions are on hold until Nov 15 ,2005.

Guess who I am emailing. You guess it the man.

 William response from banner poker that it was only going to be a few more days and this would be better for All. Once again I want to point out He Is the man and He runs banner poker their is no one else.

My respounce was If you are head guy why did you not tell me I wasn't getting paid out.

Some How my 60 Dollars Is back in my acct after 2 weeks of being gone.

Need to add this update this is a quote from William

There are about 6 poker sites on this network.  The 1st one you join
is the one you belong to. You can use that user id to play on any of
the sites, since we are all linked together.  Other sites are
3palmspoker, reraisepoker, and luckysummit that I know of.
You can do whatever you want in regards to your posting negative
things about my poker site, but dont expect me to help you if you
ever have any issues in the future


I would think William sould know them all.

Bottom line is I am out money. My money was lost for 2 weeks. and They don't even know there own pay out system. Which is all on them for support from there cashier.

 I would like to say that William Did try to help at least He has emailed me back since we started talking.

 Problem is he is telling me he runs BANNER POKER Then why doen't he know whats going on.

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