Game Of Emotions

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Game Of Emotions

Postby Uselp1969 » Sat Nov 04, 2006 7:14 pm

Poker is such a game of emotions. When your playing good all you want to do is play poker and on the other hand when your losing all you want to do is play poker. Playing poker always makes me want to play more poker.
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Postby Arler1984 » Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:15 pm

I completely agree with you.  If you let your emotions get in the way there is o hope for you.  You can easily be influenced to put your chips in without the best hand.  It's hard to think about putting yourself in the best possible situation, sice thatt what poker is all about, coming into a hand when you absolutely KNOW you can win.  If you are on tilt your mindframe changes completely.
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Game Of Emotions

Postby William34maby » Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:57 pm

I actually just bought "Game of thrones" last week, I hope to start reading it this week. all the reviews I read so far about it made me very curious.

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