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Postby Shypeation1967 » Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:56 pm

why can't i win a free roll is it impossible? No matter how well i play all the great calls and folds in the end the free rolls on the internet have not been conquerd by the great lordjones.
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Postby Antely84 » Fri Mar 03, 2006 4:09 pm

You gotta play solid and get a little lucky.  You also have to call da bluffs from players lata in da tourney.
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Postby Dientiong » Fri Mar 03, 2006 8:10 pm

I know it might seem impossible, but that's really not the case.  Sometimes when you think you are playing great poker, you're simply giving yourself too much credit and failing to recognize opportunity.  That's not intended as a cut, just that there is always room to improve.  In big tourneys, you will need a little luck, but the key is minimizing mistakes along the way.  

Just to share a little about my game:  I read book after book and it didn't seem to help.  I read Harrington cover to cover and it only seemed to make my game worse.  I stripped my game back down to where I was when I first started, and tried to fix it bottom up...and I've made some serious improvement.  

I'm not claiming to be a great player now, but I find some leaks along the way.  When I first started "working" on my game, I was looking for things to add in, not change.  It's a lot like the Toyota Productions System in US auto plants.  The TPS works well as a complete system, but if you decide that you only want to use the pieces that you like in your production system (Hi Ford Motor Co.), it won't improve your system.

Freerolls are a unique animal and you have to learn to deal with the fact that your opponent has nothing to lose.  That fact will burn you and it will also help you.  

Good luck.  You'll get there.
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Postby Deace1973 » Fri Mar 03, 2006 9:02 pm

GM you are far too modest, you know you are a damn fine player....

Where are you playing your freerolls lord? If it is AP or prima then you are playing where the odds are stacked against you with such large numbers playing. Try other sites with less playrs entering and your luck may improve.

pitbull poker has $25 tourneys on the 1/2 hour with under 200 players give them a try.

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Postby Pred1984 » Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:07 pm

gmroz22 wrote:Sometimes when you think you are playing great poker, you're simply giving yourself too much credit

I think most players find it quite tempting to over-estimate their games.  The only real yardstick is long-term results.   To gauge them accurately requires tracking a fair amount of information such as number of tournaments played, field size in each, and finish in each.  

Also, it's more important to watch how well you're playing, and how often you're making correct decisions than to focus on results.  You can control your decisions, but not what cards come to turn good decisions into losses and poor ones into wins.  Over the long term, more good decisions will lead to more good results.
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Postby Frook1971 » Sat Mar 04, 2006 10:52 pm

I've won a few of them in the last few weeks. Just as with any tournament, you have to have a degree of luck on your side, and a lot of avoided bad luck. Most of the time, when you reach the final tables you are playing against former or current higher level players who really do know what they are doing. When tournaments get to have more then 150 people it is much more of a crap shoot. Keep your hopes high, I've won 4 or more with 3 other top three finishes in the last 2 weeks so it can be done.
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Postby Tionevilly » Sun Mar 05, 2006 6:59 pm

In any win, you will undoubtedly get lucky a few times. Maybe this has not happened for you yet. Maybe you need to acquire more chips earlier to give you chance for success in the end.
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Postby Therencough » Tue Mar 07, 2006 12:44 am

One small bit of advise, if you haven't already found where you are losing your chips, next game pay close attention to how you are losing.  Are you chasing too much, putting too many of your chips at risk on good hands (A,K - A,J) or bluffing too much?

For me, I found that I was putting too much stack in the pot for A,K and J,J type hands.  While these are great starting hands, they can be beat and I was getting beat with them to the tune of most my stack.

I still can't resist an open-ended straight draw when I also have a flush draw. :oops: Kills me when you think there is no way that can't hit. :lol:
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Postby Comee1985 » Fri Mar 10, 2006 7:41 pm

Its not mission impossible, I ve done it many times, and I am nothing special.
You need patience, some more patience and you need to get lucky at least once, and you need to get away with few bluffs!
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Postby Roorge » Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:32 am

Yeah, I agree. Lots of patience and quite a bit of luck. There's lots of people going all in all the time. You have to wait for a good hand call them and get lucky, lol.

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