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am i wrong

Postby Anting » Sat Dec 03, 2005 10:07 pm

NL MTT blinds 200/400 - I have 8000 in chips

I'm dealer and get pocket 10's

everyone folds to me I raise to 1000
small blind folds
big blind is chip leader and puts me all in
I call

regardless of rather or not I won, am i wrong by making this call?
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Postby Hationizing » Sun Dec 04, 2005 8:54 pm

You really don't have enough info listed to give an accurate response here.  If you were an average sized stack in the tourney I would say fold no need to risk going broke here.  But if this guy was playing like a retard and just raising everything then I would definately have to consider calling.  If he was a solid player on a rush then I would definately fold.  Like I said if I knewmore of thevariables involved I could tell you what I would do at least, but as it is righ tnow I'm just guessing.
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Postby Tionevilly » Sat Dec 10, 2005 7:05 pm

If you are not willing to call a all-in with your hand you might not want to bet so much pre-flop.Obviously knowing who your opponent is and how he is playing helps. How far into the tourney were you? Sometimes just stay away from the big stack as hell be around to get his chips later. Focus on knocking out the low stacks who have to play marginal hands before they get blinded out.
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Postby Coldingaze » Sun Dec 11, 2005 12:30 am

pocket 10s is it really a srong enough hand to risk going out on depending on what the other player has been playing like i say no blinds are only 400 you have 20 times thet wait for a better hand all in is ok but you can only be wrong once per game
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Postby Cralmonce » Sun Dec 11, 2005 5:28 pm

I would call the all in from the big blind, after betting 1000, your just about committed
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Postby Sphrand » Sun Dec 11, 2005 6:04 pm

thats a tough call but your inital raise was so much and we dont know how many chips u have that depends on it alot to if you were low hell yeau  have to call he might just have 2 over cards and you already have a pair he might have been bluffing there really isnt enough info to make a correct read
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a gamble

Postby Thernand » Sun Dec 11, 2005 6:23 pm

10-10 with one callers isnt as strong as you think with so many hands out there.. If the guy in the BB had tons of chips, Well he could have Aj, Aq or something semi-strong.. Then it becomes a coin flip. Seems 10-10 against one of those hand, I always seem to get the shaft.. 10-10 and even J-J againsy a Ak or Aq seems to be a nightmare... I agree with pre-flop raises.. But if this guy was a bully and you know he was gunna make a move..sometimes you gotta gamble.. Or next time limp in on his blinds with a monster hands.. when he re-raises.. then you do the pushing!

So tell us what happened on that play...we cant take the suspense! lol
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Postby Begine92 » Sun Dec 11, 2005 7:17 pm

i think it was an good call
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Postby Youpirse2 » Fri Dec 16, 2005 1:55 am

I would have to say that it was a good call you just never know what's going to happen when the cards turn!   Poker is like life...you never know what's going to happen the next time you step out the door.

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Postby Pred1984 » Sat Dec 17, 2005 7:51 pm

As noted, more information would probably help get more specific responses since various factors are not laid out that could affect the ultimately affect the action to take.  So I can only offer a relatively general reply, which is that I would fold more often than call.  With TT, I expect to be either slightly ahead of overcards or well behind to an overpair most of the time.  That's not the greatest scenario to risk all my chips when folding will leave me with enough to cover several rounds of blinds.  

As for the suggestion that having put 1000 of your 8000 in makes you almost pot committed, that's an opinion I'm not even close to sharing.
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Postby Wilory » Sat Dec 17, 2005 8:59 pm

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Postby Comee1985 » Sat Dec 17, 2005 9:16 pm

I cant say was it good or bad, dont know how was he playin before, so I dont know is he loose, but  I would probably call it!
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Postby Fitain1996 » Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:24 pm

You still have 7,000 left if you fold, and TT (obviously) isn't the best hand preflop.  Like people have already said, a lot can depend on your opponent, but I probably would have folded.  Live to fight another day.
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Postby Begaind » Sat Feb 04, 2006 7:47 pm

I think you made the right call. But I hope you did win :D

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