Not too bad of a weekend

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Not too bad of a weekend

Postby Beform » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:12 pm

Saturday night I made the best I could of the $20 I deposited at Titan Poker for the $500 freeroll that never happend.  I toyed around at the ring tables and won $11.74.  While doing that I was playing the $5+1 SNG's 5 seaters at Royal Vegas, played in 4 with 2 2nd place and 2 first place.  Not a bad night.

Sunday was a bit better.  Played in 2 tourneys.  The first was the 4kgar at Royal vegas.  $3+.50 entry fee with rebuys.  I didn't rebuy but built my stack slowly.  out of a field of over 700 I finished in 14th winning $56.80.  The second tourney was the Hasselquist freeroll.  150 entrants and finished in 7th winning $5.

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