2 decent finishes in 3 days

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2 decent finishes in 3 days

Postby Pruchalk » Tue Dec 06, 2005 6:01 am

Stayed up late playing one of the crazy freerolls (200 entries) on AP Thursday night...was counting on a snow day the next day (which we got!). After being way down in level 2 or 3...SOMEHOW managed to hang on and win the thing! $10...don't want to think about how much per hour, but that's not the point...a win is a win, and got some money to play on AP.

Then Saturday, finished 3rd in the Hasselquist on Titan. Only the second time I'd played Titan...I really like it! I think things are set out well, it's a good looking table, and really like the way the history and info buttons are laid out.  And again, not big $ ($6), but enough to play for a while.

I'm finding I kinda like the 6 person sit n go's that Titan has.

I do have one related question, also...who puts up the $ for the Hasselquist freerolls? Thanks a bunch to whoever does!

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