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Postby Fastir87 » Sun Aug 21, 2005 4:38 pm

Anybody else have trouble controlling their tempers after a bad beat or after you see some maniac going all-in or raising and winning with bizarre starting cards. I recently saw a guy on pokerchamps.com freeroll go all in 5 times a row and win every hand, even with 7-2 offsuit. I then figure, I'll take this guy down and try to trap him, only to get beaten by a suckout on the river. There are a couple of dents in my filing cabinet after kicking it following bad beats in tourneys, especially ones where I bust out one or two from the money. Any suggestions on how to control my emotions while playing (books, web-sites, etc.)
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Postby Begroway » Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:32 am

Experience is the best teacher. After a while they wont even bother you as they are just the cost of being a freeroller. After I commit I rarely even watch the outcome of the hand so I usually don't know whether it is a bad beat or not nor do I care. Try playing 2 or 3 at once and then you won't be so emotionally attached to the game.
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Postby ACE-magnet » Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:27 am

fubbar you disgust me...because you are so correct. lol all behold the wise teachings of the great freeroller fubar he has much to offer and suggestions do work. my filing cabinet is embedded in the wall fubar was too late with his teachings,gl i still hate being outdrawn.
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Postby Yountivell » Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:47 am

on a freeroll, watch how people bet, if u get a guy who goes all in all the time wait till u get sum decent cards n call him, i dont concur with the guy (2 posts previous) who says not 2 even look at the cards after going all in,  re: temper, yeah its tuff getting a bad beat but thats life............ u then gotta decide whether u re-group n play ur usual or go allin a few times 2 get ur chips back (both work) ITS THE LUCK O THE DRAW. BINKY
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Postby Disper » Thu Sep 29, 2005 4:19 pm

Well the one thing you have to remember is that if you allow your temper to control you rather than the other way around, even if you do have chips left after a bad beat you will no doubt go on tilt and lose the balance of your chips as well.

If you learn to control your temper maybe by walking away for a few minutes, go make a coffee, you will still have that "chip and a chair" to come back and possibly win the tournament.  It has been done before and you too can do it.  But only if you learn to control the temper.

I have been down to 175 chips and come back to place in the money and/or won the tournament.  But it takes patience and concentration not temper to do it.
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Postby Whisextephy19892 » Sun Oct 09, 2005 6:20 pm

I get pretty mad too...but I've learned it's not worth losing your temper.
Now I just sit back and let the idio burn him/herself out.
Sooner or later someone is going to get him..Maybe You!
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Postby Chammat » Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:52 am

ok then check this;
final 300 players remaining on absolute poker
blinds 1,000/2,000
got dealt J9 off in the big blind everyone folds down to the small blind who flat calls, the flop comes flop comes 78Q he checks i check turn comes A he bets minimum i have a reasonable 50k stack i see i have a gut shot straight draw needing a 10 i flat call, the river comes 10 he checks i bet 4x the big blind 8k about 20% of my remaning stack he raises all-in i instantly call and he shows me JK the higer straight, so i lost that hand leaving me with only 7k in chips, after that hand  get moved to a new table on the button get dealt AA and move all in the small blind folds and the big blind calls for another 3,500 leaving me with about 1,000 he shows me a JQ suited the flop comes 10 K 2, the tunr comes  4, the river comes 9 he gets the straight, after to beats in a row the first one not being bad though i lose it total 'TILT' get dealt 2 random cards and move all in get 2 callers big and small blind and somehow i triple up, i start to play ok with a few grand in my stack i get my stack to 17k and double up with a nutz flush, next table i see some guy move all in 4 hands in a row and steal over 10k in antes i get dealt an A5 with 25k stack he moves all in i think for a while and make the call he shows A9 and has my stack and cards covered i flop 2 pair and manage to dodge a 9 im bk on 55k now and very happy after being down to 1k, i carry on playing and get my stack to 250k very proud of myself at this point, get dealt KK under the gun and raise it up get one call the flop comes  5 Q 6 all heart i look at my cards no hearts. the caller goes all in for another 25k i have about 15k in the pot im getting good odds im just hoping he has a Q or a heart he shows 56 the turn is blank and the river is a 5 (rubs it in even more), that hand takes me down to 200k i carry on playing and make the final table with a healthy 250k out of about 3million in chips that are evenly spread out i get KK again and raise 3 times the blind i get put all in by someone who has 10k more then me i notice this is the person that was constantly going all in earlier i think for a while and think he's got aces, pockets, or is stealing he shows me 56 i delighted to see a 56 and remember about my KK having a bad beat against 56 ealrier the flop comes J62 im happy and then realise he has 56 i think and before the river came i knew i was going to get busted the turn came Q the river came 5 SHOCK ******* HORROR this guy then goes on and wins the tournament i stay to watch the rest of the table and see him raise preflop about 25times in the next 35hands with the flop being 2 5 10 for instance and then he goes all in man this guy really got on my tits!!!!

p.s i know this has nothing to do with the the topic but thought i would share it with you guys as i was proud that in the final 300 i had not even enough to pay for the big blind yet i came 9th!!!
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Postby Sursen68 » Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:01 pm

I have found that most freerollers are folks who play a lot of limit hold'em.. and what is the other name for limit hold'em.. no fold'em hold'em. Noone folds at lower limits. they come to bet not fold. This is a mentality I find in most freerolls.

I have made it to money or even final table only be the short stack cuz I play tight/aggressive but cant seem to get the cards. Losing your temper serves only your opponents. Why do you lose your temper? Because you think you should have won the hand. And by most rights you should have. But if you keep the no fold'em hold'em rule in your mind, it can help your play IMHO.

Okay this sounds all deep and Zen like but its not really. Even the pro's say win some lose some!

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Postby Hostred » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:34 am

I never lose my temper during a game, in fact I never talk AT ALL during a game. Too busy winning chips and focusing to chat LOL
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Postby Trisheye » Wed Oct 26, 2005 3:08 pm

Its all in the cards....I've had a FH aces over 2s beat by 4 2s....flops up an ace 22....I yell....Baby I'm gonna go all in!  He says, "oh no"....I go all in...so does the other player.....and then I saw....I say "oh no".....

Its in the cards.....
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Postby Divenountly » Sat Oct 29, 2005 6:02 pm

Definatly have a bad temper here. I hit my laptop which is pretty bad seeing that it cost way more than the freeroll!
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Postby Tionevilly » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:49 am

I agree with fub once you commit you have to take it as it comes. When i suck out on someone which doesnt happen enough i turn the chat off as i dont want to here how lucky i am. Some people seem to think the best starting hand always wins and commit way to many chips.These are people who usually freak out.
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Postby Mucer1976 » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:33 pm

after a while of bad beat after bad beat after bad beat you get used to it and you are able to control your temper by now i am abl to keep my temper under control
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Postby Dientiong » Sun Nov 06, 2005 5:47 pm

I have to admit that controlling my temper after a bad beat is not a problem of mine.  If anything gets me worked up, it is seeing one player flame another for making a certain play.  I don't care what anyone says, you have no business flaming others at a table for the way they play.  If they are a bad player, let them be...there time will come.  Furthermore, the last thing we need to do is educate others on how to improve their play.  

When it comes to suckouts and bad beats, learn to yell at the monitor...not your opponents.  Show some class, even if they did crack your AA with J9 offsuit.
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Postby Ouseetteled » Mon Nov 07, 2005 9:20 pm

It's very important to keep your temper in check.  Keeping an even temper is the best way to survive in tournaments.  If you get too upset over losing a hand you have to move on and start the next hand like it's the first one.  All the pros I see that are successfull show no emotions when playing.  You can't too up or too down.

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