Do you Think That computer sites rig communities

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Do you Think That computer sites rig communities

Postby Stren1991 » Sun Jul 10, 2005 3:11 am

Do you think
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Postby Juseenoth82 » Sun Jul 10, 2005 3:05 pm

What do you mean by community??

I feel picked upon occasionally when moved to a table where I haven't got the stack to even have a chance.
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Postby Therinceple » Sun Dec 18, 2005 6:54 am

They don't need to rig the cards to get the game over quickly.  They can adjust the duration of each blind level and how rapidly the blinds escalate to create a short or long game.

I played in 2 private freerolls on 1 site with the same start time.  At the 1 hour break, the blinds in 1 were twice the blinds in the other game.  Guess which lasted the longest.

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