How to play an ALL-IN during multi-tournies

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How to play an ALL-IN during multi-tournies

Postby Stagn1984 » Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:52 pm

when a multi is well underway and a good 20 percent of the players are starting to go all in the strategy begins to shift from grabbing chips to moving that one precious spot toward payoff.

so play starts to change a little. What i see is that the solid players often call an all-in just to get him out, and they dont raise to get the side pot.


Because if 5 players call an all-in the chances are he will be eliminated and everyone moves is why

1. The odds are that the all-in is a move of desperation. either to pull in those few precious blinds or to get lucky on a draw.

2. More players will call just because it is all in and they may not have to risk more chips.

3. The fact that more players call means the odds go up that the all-in will lose.

4. As long as no one raises, the odds increase with each card that he will be eliminated.

5. And we all move one step closer to the final table.

If you have the hand of course bet your heart out. but do not do it on a maybe or a draw.

If u raise the all in you may well eliminate the guy who would have pulled out the winner on the river and instead of getting to the inner circle, u have now doubled or tripled up the all-in. Not good poker.

My favorite tale is of the guy who bet me out and of course i would have won. The all in tripled up and coming to the final table, he is right there to take out that 10th place! poor guy , a hair away from final table and the money. And the all in took second (I got lucky and claimed first).

That was poetic justice!

Tell me what you think of how to play an all-in in multi-tourny.

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