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sup fools

Postby Swerown1983 » Tue Apr 12, 2005 9:02 pm

hey dudes whats goin on. i'm andrew i'm from illinois/iowa (depends on whether or not school is in session haha) anyway yeah i'm a freshman in college and have been playing poker pretty hardcore all year, although my senior year of high school i played a lot more. anyway...i love playing online and meeting people. i like joining forums cause you can make some friends and maybe see them out at the tables. ok i'm done. peace! :s
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Postby Tank » Wed Apr 13, 2005 6:09 pm

first time i saw "sup man" i thought i was being invited to yes I am old dog. Poker know no age limits my son-in-laws 13 year old brother play poker with his friends. Chit when I was 13 i had other stuff too do like girls, school, girls, work, girls, food, We have a bunch of great people here, so welcome too our site. And I sometimes suffer from "old dogs syndrome" (forgot where I burred my bones) but I think i'm see yas in the funny papers
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Postby Welition93 » Thu Jun 23, 2005 12:19 pm

just saying good luck to you

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