Have you ever wondered what poker might really mean

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Have you ever wondered what poker might really mean

Postby Consed » Fri Jun 09, 2006 9:51 pm

I mean, what does the word poker really mean. Perhaps its meaning is unimportant, even irrelevant in nature, but on the other side of things maybe something else is going on. Have you ever tried to rearrange the letters of poker. If you can just bear with me hear, the letters can be rearranged to spell koper. Think copper, the metal of money, the metal of life. Coincidence, no, after researching the subject for some four years, I have recently found that the metal copper was actually discovered back in 1812 by a little know German scientist named Christopher Koper. The letters were changed in the metal only due to the phonetics of the english language. Furthermore, apparently Koper was the first person to ever develop the modern playing card system. This system, now universalized though the media and word of mouth, has long been regarded as the work of other individuals. Legend has it that assassins working for the US government back in 1836 ordered a hit on Koper and stole his system of card playing long before it ever surfaced on the market. The assassins and government then found manuscripts in Koper's home of rules and regulations for various games of what we now regard as poker. The agents, disgusted but respectful of Koper, rearranged the letter of Koper to create the name poker. Now, some 180 years later, this story needs to reach day light. The game of poker was created by a wonderous scientist and I feel it is my obligation as a man to give that great man praise.

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