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stacks poker

Postby Dionly » Sun Dec 18, 2005 10:07 am

does any1 know when this site will be up and running, the preview looks great
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Postby Apperned » Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:55 pm

I heard it was sometime in January. YOu can sign up now I beleive, but that's all. It does look like a decent site, and will mos tlikely have a no-deposit sign up bonus. Or does it already?
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Just wondering

Postby Insch1979 » Sun Dec 18, 2005 7:18 pm

can you download software yet. and if you can how i signed up for this site many months ago but have heard no news
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Postby Laing1989 » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:31 pm

no info yet,, still signed up from months ago myself
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Postby Niname » Thu Dec 22, 2005 3:33 pm

i signed up couple of weeks ago
i still haven't gotten my mail back
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Postby Taitione » Sun Dec 25, 2005 4:21 am

I got an email about a month ago saying that the software would be ready for beta testing at the begiining of 2006.

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