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Referral bonuses.

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bagged 3 so far

Postby Smor1980 » Sun Jul 17, 2005 2:32 am

Hey there, I have spent my early yeas living in Las Vegas so I have been playing poker as long as I can remember. In Vegas, you tip. You also work for tips. The whole place is about giving and getting grate service with a tip.

Online gambling should in my mind be the same way. To keep my busyness I expect something more. I play, I win, I loose. Some times I cash out, most times I don't. That is how long term gambling is done.

OK, back to the something more. Complementaries, tokes and gifts are some thing that can set an establishment apart. While living in Vegas the comps are dynamite. Now after moving away and returning for the bi-annual visits they come in different forms but comps are comps. I never pay for rooms, food, movies, bowling or anything else for that matter when I visit. I just stay in the one place and enjoy all the amenities offered.

Oh, yeah, back to online poker. LOL  :oops:

I like comps. Where I'm going to play is going to give back some of this that they take. I have successfully received 3 separate referral bonuses although I've looked into nearly one hundred or so. I found a few things that might interest others:

1. Rarely what you read is actually true once trying to collect a bonus.
2. There is no substitute for "Live Support".
3. You may have to sign up to a group to get the better bonuses.
4. I hope you like e-mail.  :shock:

OK OK OK :?  What’s that you say?  Where did I get the bonuses?

Well my father wanted to play holdum from home so we both joined the poker clients of our choice and referred each other to the other place.
That was worth about $80 I think

My Mother never did care for live poker but she is REALLY lucky on the slots and video poker. When I set up dads computer to play online poker she had to have a casino site for her to play on.  
8) Yup mom's hip, even got her own computer.
She's lucky too, about 4k a year in cashouts. YES from an online casino ! ! !
I had her refer me and now I enjoy the comps as well. This one is still ongoing, $75 for the initial bonus but they give me free drink tokens that are basically free chips but the drinks are a cool way to hand them out.

OH ! ! !  YEAH   ! ! ! EAZY now…

Party Poker and Poker Room for the old man and I.
Sci-Fi-Casino has I think the best damn comps on the net
So far 7 boxes of this coffee that is absolutely KILL, 2 tee shirts with there logo and countless $$$ in bonus money ! ! !

Happy Hunting folks :wink:

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