New promos bad for old players

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New promos bad for old players

Postby Hust1997 » Sat Jul 29, 2006 4:49 pm

This sucks lol. Why didnt these sites run these promotions when we were all, well i mean when I WAS(lol im sure theres others out there too lol) joing these sites. All the new people get all the bonuses while the people who supported the sites from the beginning get the shaft :( lol
But more importantly, what I hate is you give these jerks money to play games, they take their rakes and their fees, and you dont even get a respectable comp outta it. Maybe they should STOP focusing on getting the newbies to their sites, and focus more on the players that are already playing there. This goes for all the sites, save Party Poker because I at leat get a comp now and then from them.

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