a/p does it to me everytime

Which is the worst bad beat you've had?

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a/p does it to me everytime

Postby Housight » Fri Sep 09, 2005 3:23 am

....just left the world of a/p tourny with about 75 people....down to 23 players ...get QQ pocket...sitting in BB 3 callers at 60 chips each....I decide rather then risk the river with an ace or king pairing up I will just settle for the blinds ...bump it up to 400 chips ...all fold but one player ...he reraises another 100 to 500 I go all in with my last 3000 chips ....this fool calls me ...he has king 9 offsuite.....flops 9 9 10 ...of course I get nothing but the door....I can deal with the flop....but I cant figure out how you can play a person all nite and he has seen your playing very tight and yet not only calls but all in on a king 9.......this kind of plays leads the conspiracy theorists to continue to wonder about the software that lets people see whats coming ...or my fav theory that pound for pound a/p has more lucky morons then any other site on the net......oh...in case anybody asks ..king 9 was off suite and he had about 300 more chips then me...

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