O fer

Which is the worst bad beat you've had?

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O fer

Postby Tank » Sun Apr 10, 2005 9:45 am

I am happy too report that I am 100% heathly now. Too bad Lady Luck will not answer her phone... dam o for 5 today still in top loseing form...lol sometimes I wonder why she hates me so... did I wronge her in another life? did i kill one of her relatives in another life? or was the spurs and whips a little much? foclmao....I spend hours playing perfect poker and then wham.....right in the head with a sledghammer or as us gear heads say a "BFH" or a Harley tool...lol...pocket AA crushed by k10, big slick crushed by a set of 3's 3 kings crushed by 4 sixes please they shoot horses don't they..... at least I am consistant never could spell. and my luck is the same all bad.....I should just take 500 go to a casino and see what the hell happens....ok enough crying in my scotch, there is always tommorow..... and when she does pick up the phone i am going too have it traced and kidnap her and lock her in the basement.....see yas in the funny papers.....

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