Bad beat stories

Which is the worst bad beat you've had?

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Bad beat stories

Postby Hingere » Sat May 06, 2006 4:42 am

I had J 9 and the river and turn are J and J the flop was 10 Q 3.....
I have 3 of a kind and lose to the strat 8, 9, 10, J, Q
i hate that...
Wats your bad beat of the day?
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Postby Frook1971 » Sat May 06, 2006 2:33 pm

Well I don't know if that qualifies as a bad beat. When did the money go in? Preflop it appears that you where only 75/25 to win. I don't think of those as a bad beat. A beat yes, painful yes, bad no.
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Postby Cotioll67 » Sat Jul 15, 2006 12:23 am

Sitting at a ring table with over two grand.  Playing heads up with a bully who has a little more than I do.  He raises about 80 bucks preflop, and I call with K 9.  Flop comes K 9 3, and he goes all in.  I call, with top 2 pair, and he flips over aces.  Turn comes a Jack and I'm about to win over a 4000 dollar pot.  I'm pretty excited at this point.  Low and behold, here comes the Jack on the river.  I wanted to throw up.

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