high pocket pair

Which is the worst bad beat you've had?

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Pocket Aces and Pocket Kings ???

Postby Judy1968 » Sun Apr 02, 2006 7:24 pm

You guys havent been playing poker long enough lol. I think the worst I've gotten was ( before i continue i must say that the situation I was in also counts towards excessive "bad beatedness" - I was 3 away from cashing in a $10 multi) anyway i had AT spades and I flopped the nutflush KsXsYs. A fellow went all in after I pushed a bit and of course i called. He cad KQ. The turn gave him 2 pair when a Q came down, then the river filled him up. Thats a bad beat. You guys are describing either 70% favorite situations or beyond your control situations (quads vs quads). But in my case i was ahead the whole time and got severely sucked out on.
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Bad Beats

Postby Wharleas » Sat Apr 15, 2006 2:27 pm

That is a bad beat, better luck next time!  A lot of people don't think that sometimes luck's got to be with you too.  I believe that if you are unlucky during a game, then you will certainly loose big time.

Better luck next time...
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high pocket pair

Postby Younnoullits » Sun Apr 16, 2006 6:08 pm

i dont care what anyone says i think all high pocket pairs suck .... even if i hit 4 0f a kind on them ( and i have) i got beat by syraight flush.....its true ... give me a good old 9 j  it always seems to turn in to a sttraight

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