Bad beat x 2

Which is the worst bad beat you've had?

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Bad beat x 2

Postby Gravers » Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:28 pm

I was playing in 2 forum games at the same time, and lost both within a few hands on the same type of beat.  I was up in chips...but both hands was all-in against someone with as much or more chips.  The first beat/loss was in a game where you have to go ALL-IN every hand or FOLD.  I had won 1 hand, so I doubled my money and folded the next 10.  I was dealt KJ suited so I called all in.  One other person called me...he had KJ offsuit.  He caught a four-card flush on the river. That was the ONLY possible way to beat me...and *I* was holding the suited cards, just not the right one I guess.  :shock:

Just a couple hands after losing that one, I was all-in with AK suited.  He raised 2 blinds preflop and I called.  An ace came on the flop and he went all in.  I called.  He ended up catching a four-card flush on the river to beat me.

I understand people say when there are nine people at a table, you're going to see more bad beats, but it seems like I see more four-card flushes in one tournament at AP than I think I've seen in all my years of poker pre-online.   :evil:
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Postby Ressivoisin1970 » Wed Feb 15, 2006 12:54 am

unfortunatly this seems to happen A LOT on online poker, i hate this because when u out play some one it always seems like the game decides to help the underdog, it suks

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