Tell us about your perfect hand.

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Postby Fitain1996 » Tue Sep 13, 2005 7:26 pm

This isn't so much the perfect hand, but it was an awesome run.

I was in an MTT on PokerStars last night.  During the first half hour of the tournament, I got dealt pocket aces 4 times.  Every time, at least one person went all in ahead of me (whether it was pre-flop, or if I was slow playing) and I won every time.  I also had back-to-back diamond flushes that I won a good amount with.

I was first for the first hour and a half, but they were the only good hands I got for the rest of the tournament.  It was a $3 buy-in, 1st got over $1200 so needless to say I was VERY excited early on.  Cold cards, no luck, ended up finishing around 80th for just under $9.

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