perfect hand

Tell us about your perfect hand.

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perfect hand

Postby ACE-magnet » Mon Feb 21, 2005 12:09 am

just so happens it was in ...a FREEROLL! last year i held 10 /Q diaomonds ....flop came 9of d 8 of d an xthen another 8 large bets were going in and i wanted that pot so i was actually yelling at the pc jack of diamonds and guess what the river brought....J!!! the best part is some one with a stack a lil smaller than mine went all in ahead of me LOL poor sucker had JJ his boat got sunk by my 1st ever st8 flush playimg holdem ..i went on to final table outchipped ..finished 8th ....4hr 40 min for like a 3 dollar payday.

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