22 ?????????hehehe

Tell us about your perfect hand.

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22 ?????????hehehe

Postby Couser » Sun Feb 26, 2006 7:20 pm

well my fav.hand on this day was 22.yep 22,mtt 228 players,late in tourney had bout 2500 chips avrg.was like 8 or 10 k.so cards dealt i got pkt 2 s ,Quack Quack,someone rasied the blind someone reraised,then an all in which put me all in.hmmmmm so i told um they d hate me if i called and won.so i called got a 2 on the turn for a set.cracked pkt As won a huge pot and went on to win my 1 st mtt tourney 170.00 buck for 1st ,hehehe.sweet.cya on the felt
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Postby Busiouty » Thu Mar 02, 2006 9:30 pm

This is not one of my favorite hands, but it is one that has been good to me quite a few times.  i am not sure why, but it seems that when I have this hand, I can get one or two more before the had is over with.  I don't go crazy with it at first though, becuse you never know.

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