Even when I'm sick I can't stop

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Been sick

Postby Mystery36 » Wed Apr 20, 2005 2:57 am

I havent posted in a while because I have been feeling a little sick.If I keep feeling like this I am going to change my screen name to Ron Mexico
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I feel for ya

Postby Tank » Thu Apr 21, 2005 5:57 am

been there I was sick for a week, no food for 5 days, one trip to Emergency Room. It was a nasty little bug, evil, and down right mean..so hope you are "outta of the woods" lol see yas in the funny papers
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Even when I'm sick I can't stop

Postby Kepon1978 » Sun Nov 13, 2005 8:50 pm

I don't know but for whatever reason it is hard to stop playing poker when I'm sick it calms me down for some reason hell I even play in my sleep some night I can be heard yelling one of my favourite lines " you call this one it's over baby"   ???????????

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