the bigest raise

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the bigest raise

Postby Humitivem » Wed Aug 30, 2006 9:55 pm

Back in the year 1889 two men were sitting in Bowen`s Saloon in Santa Fe, New Mexico and played no-limit five-card draw.
One of the players was Ike Jackson, one of richest ranchowners in New Mexico.
The other player was the legendary gambler Johnny Dougherty.

The two men played for hours and more then 100 people was gathered around the table too see the two competitors play.
Among the spectators was the governor of New Mexico, L.Bradford Prince.

In a hand the pot reaches $100,000, which was alot of money even for rich people at that time and unheard of.
So now that they sit there with empty pockets, Ike Jackson pulls out a piece paper where he writes down his bet, which includes his ranch and 10,000 cattle. Then throws it in the pot...

Dougherty sits quiet for awhile on the other side of the table, then pulls out a piece of paper and writes a few lines down then walks over to the govenor pulls his gun and points it at the govenors head and says, "Sign this paper or I will shoot!"...
Afraid for his life, the govenor immediately signs the paper.

Dougherty sits back down in his seat throws the paper in the pot.
Jackson grabs the paper looks at it for awhile then starts cursing loudly and folds his hand....

Dougherty`s paper said I RAISE THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO!!!.

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