Annoying little thing that happens to me: NLH

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Annoying little thing that happens to me: NLH

Postby Behall » Sun Apr 02, 2006 4:49 pm

One of my personal better skills is decieving (either slow-playing or representing a weak hand when i have a bigger one or the vise versa)
One thing that happens to me, though (and just did 2 mins ago - that's why i'm writing this) is that sometimes weaker players are so decieved that they play crappier hands and end up busting me with bad beats...
i need an example to clarify:
in $20 SnG I'm shortstacked and challenged by 1 other player in terms of skill (I'm not braggin, just bein honest; those SnGs are ridiculously easy)

I wake up on the button with KK - UTG who is the challenging villain, limps (this is now 4 handed) i raise 550 w/ blinds at 50/100 and get call from BB(passive, prob had AT or A9 or something like that) and UTG; the reason i got these two calls is that i usually bet 3-4XBB with the rest of my hands - i was representing a small pair or a weaker ace or something like that by overbetting preflop -
flop comes 9c7s3h and UTG bets all in - i have about 500 left so i push.
BB folds and UTG flips over K9h and hits his backdoor flush on the river...

If I had either pushed PF (with my 11 or so BB stack) or raised my normal amount, I'm positive that they would not have called PF, or at least they would have given me respect on the flop when i pushed...

This has happened to me several times, with almost exactly the same results - I overbet a big PP and get callers with garbage who draw me out because they are putting me on AK and if there's no A or K on the board, they decide that their bottom pair is the best....

...sorry just needed to vent - what do you think about my play? Sometimes i guess it's just impossible to bet out the goons in the game...I put him on my buddy list though, and hopefully i will see him again at a cash game or another SnG sooner than later

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