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Postby Anting » Sat Feb 25, 2006 12:03 am

Mike decided to call his wife at home one day...
so he dials the number,
"hello" says a little voice
"Hi sweety, it's daddy. Is mommy there?"
"yessss" she replies
"Is she busy?"
"Well, she's inyour bedroom with uncle John right now!"
the man pauses for a moment....
"Honey, you don't have an uncle John!!"
"Yes I do ,he's in mommies bedroom right now"
the man pauses again...
"Ok honey, can you do daddy a favour?"
"Yes daddy!"
"I want you to put the phone ,don't hang up and go upstairs and knock onmommy's door and tell her daddy's home.Then come downstairs and talk to me again"
"ok daddy"
the little girl does as she is told ...
A few minutes pass...then the little girl picks up the phone,
"Hi daddy, I did what you said, but i didn't knock I went in the room and told them"
"What did mommy do?"
"Welllll, she jumped out of bed (daddy she had no clothes on) she ran around trying to put her clothes on and tripped and hit her head on the dresser"
"Oh my" said the man.
"What did uncle John do?
"Welllllllll, he jumped out of bed and he had no clothes on either ,so he was trying to put his clothes on and he kept running around and then he jump out the window into the pool!!!"
"But daddy I think he forgot that you emptied the pool last week to fix it, and I think he is dead!!!"
The man said "The Pool!!"
the man then paused for a moment again..................
"Sweety is this 867-3457
Fri Feb 17, 2006 6:11 pm

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