Betting College Hoops

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Betting College Hoops

Postby Dientiong » Tue Nov 29, 2005 2:05 pm

Betting college hoops used to be a specialty of mine. The secret of my success has been linked to three things:

1. Bet on any unranked team Favored over a ranked team.
2. 1pt lines: Try to figure out which way the casino would want you to bet...and do the opposite. These can often be sucker bets. If the line seems legit, just stay away.
3. Get to know and study one of the smaller conferences. The oddsmakers can't make accuarate lines on all the D1 games, so they spend most of their time with the high action games. That leaves a lot of opportunity for someone that knows the ins and outs of the smaller games. I have always liked th Horizon conference for this.


1. Stay away from the NBA. I've never met anyone or read a book by anyone that admits to winning in the NBA.
2. Stay away legitimate lines. If there is a nationally televised game between two top ranked teams, the casino needs action on both sides. This is where the even money theory actually comes into play. When the line is legit, your odds on winning drop below 50% and you are now making a -EV play.

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