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Postby Sniters » Sun Sep 18, 2005 4:02 pm

Up until this point BetFred has been my favorite site because i seem to make a lot of $ there.  Yesterday I won the Vegas Poker Pros $1k freeroll at Titan and got $400, because of this i would have to say that Titan is my new favorite site.  There were only 200 ppl in the tourny and only top 6 paid.  I was short stack with 7 left and figured i was gonna go out on the bubble.  1 guy took out 2 in one hand putting me 5th of 5, still short stack.  Now i was happy to get the min of $70 so i figured time to get aggressive.  After 5 hands it was down to 2 of us and i had a 2-1 chip lead. The heads up only lasted 2 hands,  I flopped a str8 on final hand and checked my opponent into tryin to steal the pot with an all in.  Bad move on his part.  That was my first ever win so I wanted to brag a bit, I'm done

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