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everest poker

Postby Inearegiree1986 » Fri Apr 15, 2005 8:34 pm

they have a new freeroll system with coins which you can earn
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Postby Chis1989 » Fri Apr 15, 2005 9:46 pm

Everest poker? Cant say i've heard of them, do they have a website, or somewhere to download the software? Also do they do any deposit bonuses, etc?
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Postby Hicked93 » Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:03 pm

i cant do it cuz i live the US :(.. im shure its a good site tho
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Postby Gagoem » Sun Jun 05, 2005 11:12 pm

Yes; the same thing happened to me because I live in the US. I have an interesting story to tell about this site though. I first started playing with them about 2 months or so ago. At that time, I was eligible to play; they had sit and go's that were free to enter, and had actual money prizes (wasn't much money, but any money is good money :) ).

I played it mostly for the fun of it; and I enjoyed the site's software.

Then about a month or so ago, they updated their software to include Free Rolls and Multi-Table Tournaments. I updated the software and went to login into my account. If you're like me, you ABSOLUTELY LOVE free rolls, so I was excited to have an opportunity to play at a site I enjoyed anyway. I received a notice stating that I must register as a real money player. I didn't think this would be an issue because I had already been playing for real money- in fact, I had $ in my account. After I filled out the registration form, I received a message stating that I was unable to register at this time because the jurisdicition I lived in didn't allow money play (aka because I lived in the United States).

Of course I didn't know it at the time, and was dumbfounded. I couldn't understand how before I was able to play for real money, yet now I couldn't? I contacted Everest Poker to get an explanation, and that's when I found out I was ineligible to play. I never asked them about the $ I had already earned- it didn't occur to me at the time.

Hopefully SOMEDAY I'll be able to register and gain access to that money! lol

I'd suggest you find somewhere else to play if you live in the US.

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