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Discussion about starting hands.

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Postby Sais1979 » Fri May 19, 2006 3:51 pm

When u got AA in your hands u know u are going to earn chips :) AK is good but not as AA is, i d say 70 versus 30%, but as always luck own da poker world.
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Postby Siand1979 » Fri May 19, 2006 5:14 pm

you know AK agains AA has 86 against 14 %
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Postby Youstand » Fri May 19, 2006 9:19 pm

you have to look at it as wich hand is strongest AA is way better starting hand what happens after the flop is no longwer yopur starting hasnd
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Postby Alch1995 » Sat May 20, 2006 6:51 pm

I think AK is better than AA, but AA is also a good hand.
Good luck all.
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Postby Weraides » Sat May 20, 2006 7:03 pm

it really depends on what kind of poker you are playing.. in omaha, AA would definitly be better
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Postby Heith1968 » Fri May 26, 2006 9:00 pm

I have always thought both were equally great.  That is until I was taken out of my last 2 out 3 tourny's by the AA, I had A(suited once).  I hit my K but obviously not good enough.

I totally see what we are saying about the AA giving us too much confidence, I've had to lay down the monster a couple times, but I had to learn the hard way to start doing that.

good luck all
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Re: AA verus AK

Postby Hond1976 » Fri May 26, 2006 9:37 pm

jewelstar wrote:AA is suppose to be the best starting hand. Well according to most starting hand lists anyway. I believe that the AK is the best starting hand, especially if it is suited. You have the posibility of a straight and a flush as well as two different top pairs. AA is good but is limited to the posibility of a top pair,  trips, or a 4 card draw to a straight or flush. Anyone see this too? I guess in my  view it much more versitile. AA is by no means a bad hand.  :lol:  :h

When I read your post I laughed. It is the same to say 67 is better than pocket queens because I like this hand and looks good.

By the way did somebody watch the EPT (in Austria I think) where Joe Hachem lost with AA to AK? I was amazed by Hachem's skills especially his mind reading. He read his opponents mostly  in every hand and played very good poker. And now about the hand. Flop was K Q 7. Joe made a large bet and his opponent went all-in.  He got trips on the river but Joe didn't actually lost so many chips  because he was a chip leader ( finally got busted).  That was actually a very exciting hand for me.
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Postby Begaind » Sun May 28, 2006 1:39 am

Well, I'm not a great player or anything but, I absolutely hate AA as
starting hand. Too many times they get beat by lower cards or two
pair. The ONLY way I play them now is all in !!!
I could be wrong, but usually if I don't do that, they get beat.

good luck
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Postby Alis1974 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 3:54 pm

well that ani't very true too many times have i seen aa get sucked out by 6-1 underdogs and it sux when it happens to u i just got beat tonight with it by ace jack and its just a bad feeling.just my opion is pump it hard don't slow play this hand it will get sucked out.

your sincerly

george woods
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Postby Tioncy74 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 6:17 pm

lol hi guys .. prefer AA! and allin!!!
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Postby Equescam87 » Sun Jun 11, 2006 8:57 pm

well amazing you write this topic as I just lost vs AK vs AA and I was holding AK....Bad timing...AA is very hard to crack
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Postby Cubfan » Sat Jun 17, 2006 3:26 pm


AA the whole way!!
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pocket AA's

Postby Wharleas » Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:16 pm

I agree AK is often better as a starting hand.  Those AA's are dangerous pair and will often make you loose big time if you don't watch out...
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Postby Hertake » Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:31 pm

My opinion is that even if AK suited is a great starting hand AA will always be for me the best starting hand...
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